If you have been in business for any amount of time, you realize there are costs of doing business.  One of those costs today is accepting different forms of payment than the original cold-hard cash.  This acceptance of credit cards, EBT cards, gift cards, and even discount programs such as Groupon have an added expense to business owners.
Donate Your Processing is here to help you and your community with a simple plan: lower your current fees with merchant processing, and donate half of OUR revenue from YOUR company to a nonprofit organization of YOUR choice!
Here's how it works:
1. You provide us with information about your current business.
2. You provide us with 2-3 months of merchant processing statements to analyze your costs (if you currently have a merchant account).
3. We analyze your business type and merchant statements (if you currently have a merchant account).
4. We provide you with a detailed quote of monthly savings and donations to the nonprofit organization you choose.
5. We provide you with support via phone, email, and web forum.
Please inquire by calling or emailing us at: 206-953-2172 or info@donateyourprocessing.com